It was the Old Testament prophets who fueled the Messianic hope and expectations over the centuries of early Jewish history. God leaked out details of the impending coming of Messiah through their inspired messages. Some, but not all, of God’s people believed, dreamed, and waited with unwavering anticipation. And Messiah, the Deliverer, came just as promised in the person of Jesus. For us who follow Jesus today, our celebration of Christmas should be filled with great expectations as well. We do not merely remember a historical event but also anticipate the ongoing hope and promises it brings. The Advent of Jesus into this fallen world also left an expectation of His second coming to inaugurate His eternal kingdom. We can live in the full expectation of all that means in the earthly present and for our eternal future. Christ’s “Christmas” Advent declares there is far more to anticipate. Because of Him you can live life today with great expectations for time and eternity.